Saturday, 23 July 2016

An Afternoon in Greenwich

It seems like whenever we have beautiful weather you've gotta grab the opportunity with two hands, go and make the most of it as it probably won't last for very long. 

So today I decided to pop on the tube and head to Greenwich.

As I was melting away in the heat, I couldn't not walk past an ice cream shop and not buy something. I opted with getting lemon and bubble gum, I can truly say I decided well.

There's nothing quite like Greenwich's pretty houses when the suns shining. 

I wanted to wear something really light and comfy as today was scorching so I thought this Maxi dress was absolutely perfect as its quite light & baggy but really flattering. I then matched it with some brown Gladiators.


Im not really a jewellery lover, but today I really felt like wearing something, I didn't want anything too much so I thought theses bracelets would be just right for just a little something.

 Greenwich is known for its beautiful observatory so I couldn't not go and take a look.

Who doesn't like a cute little market? Well the one in Greenwich is honestly one of the nicest ones I've ever been too.

 After all this walking around I had to go get something to bite so Nando's sounded perfect to me. 

I will defiantly be visiting Greenwich again very soon.

If anyone is interested where I bought my outfit I've linked down the links below.

ASOS - Maxi Dress

TOPSHOP - Gladiators

NEW LOOK - Bracelets

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