Friday, 27 June 2014

Everyday Make Up

(Excuse the silly face hehe)

For every day wear, I never like to wear anything to heavy. So I've found the perfect products that give you that natural look.

I only like to wear foundations for special occasions (recently) so I've been using the Clarins BB Cream. I blend the product with my fingers, I find that it sits onto my skin much better than using a brush.

I then use my Laura Mercier shine control powder. I can get pretty oily threw the day so this product works wonders. 

I applying the powder using a Real Techinques contor brush. I find it much easier than using a big powder brush.

Now for bronzer (which is one of my favourite parts), I use Bourjois bronzing powder to give that really gorgeous glowy sun kissed look.
I apply it with the Real Techniques blush brush. 

For blush I've been using the Coralista by Benefit, it's a stunning shimmery peach colour, which is perfect for the summer (especially)
I apply it with a Mac 168 brush, which sits perfectly across my cheeks. 

Right now to sort out my eyebrows, I use Mac eyeshadow in the shade charcoal brown. This shade is perfect for making your eyebrows look as natural as you can, couldn't live without it!
I Apply it with the Mac 263. 

I'm not very fussy when it comes to mascara but my mum recently bought me the Clinque high impact mascara and I have completely fell in love. 
My eyelashes look twice as long. 
the colour 01 Black.

I always like to put on some glossy or a lipstick just to plum up my lips. I'm not really a fan of lipgloss but have been really enjoying the Coralista lipgloss by Benefit.
It's a gorgeous peachy colour which goes with the blush. Matches perfectly. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Review On Clarins BB Cream

I've always been a high coverage kind of girl I've always felt insecure about my skin, ever since I was at school. So changing to just a BB cream was kind of scary for me. But I really wanted to build my confidence with wearing less makeup. 

I was watching a makeup tutorial by Niomi Smart (Link to her videos and she was talking about the Clarins BB cream saying how natural it leaves your skin.
I bought the product in John Lewis for £30 pounds.. I know Its quite on the pricey side (my purse wasn't too impressed), but I've heard such good reviews I really wanted to give it a try.

I squeezed it on the back of my hand as you can see in the second picture and applied it with my fingers I think it's better to because the natural worth of your fingers helps it to sink into your skin better than using a foundation brush. 

While I was applying it I generally felt like I was applying a moisturizer It felt so light and it applied so smoothly onto my skin. 
The coverage is quite light but evenly smooths out your skin tone. After I finished applying the BB cream I just used a concealer (any will do) and applied it over any blemishes.
Any girls with dry skin I think this product would be perfect for you as its very moistening and leaves such a glow to your skin. I've got oily skin and it still leaves such a lovely finish, it doesn't leave your skin looking to oily. 
Lastly I applied my bronzer and blush onto of my skin after I applied my BB cream, it sat onto the skin so lovely. 

I was so impressed with the finishing result.. It left my skin looking absolutely flawless with a natural glow to it. 
For every day use I think it is perfect. 

I am now converted to BB creams yay!

Link to Clarins BB cream -