Monday, 28 July 2014

Race For Life

Today is a really exciting day because me and my little cousin Alex are going to be doing a 5K run for Race for Life.
If any of you don't know what Race for Life is, it's a brilliant charity fighting to beat cancers but, woman from all over the country come today to do either 5K or a 10K run to raise money for the charity. 
Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to do it and now finally i'm going to be doing it today!

We were all set, wearing lots and lots of pink!!!!

I can't even put into words how grateful I am to have had the most amazing family supporting us!

So Me and Alex said our goodbyes to our families and got ready at the Start line, I had no idea that there would be so many people (there was around 15,000 ladies at the 5K race today), It was amazing to see so many people at this amazing event! The buzzer went, the music started playing and off we went!

Everyone who was running in the race had a little note at that back of there tops saying who they were running for, I wrote my Nanny and Nana as they both died of cancer and thought of them the whole way threw the race.


We Managed to do 5K in just less than a hour, I don't know how I could of done it without my little princess. She was absolutely amazing! We both found it really hard but kept supporting each other and kept telling eachother to go go go and finally we saw the finish line, I can't even explain the termination I had to finish the race. On the left before we past the finishing line we could see our families smiling and rooting us which was great support that i'm so grateful for! 

Now to celebrate!!

So after my legs nearly falling off we thought a picnic would be perfect so we got our blankets and food out and started nibbling away!

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE Thank you to everyone that sponsored me and Alex and supported us threw the run. Me and Alex are so so grateful and happy to have so many amazing people surrounding and supporting us. We couldn't of done it without you all.

Overall me and Alex raised around £200!!! 

If anyone is considering doing Race for Life I would Go for it, It's an amazing experience and lots of fun and a great cause. 

I will leave a link to there website for more information -

Thank you so much for reading, speak soon!

Love Alice x


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Meeting An Old Friend

I can't even put into words how excited I am to see Nazia, We met at Secondary school and from Day 1 we instantly became the best of friends. But unfortunately Nazia moved all the way to Leicester after we finished school, which is like a 2-3 hour train journey. So we try to see each other as much as we can. 
So.. my little bundle of joy is coming down for a couple of days to catch up with friends and family. Which means I get to see her! Yaaaaay.

As we both just love London City, we thought we would meet up at our local station and go for a little bit of exploring threw London, Also the weather looked absolutely gorgeous so I think it's defiantly a perfect day to head off to the City. 

We decided to go to Covent Garden for some Lunch, So off we went.

 The second we got there we thought.. Starbucccccks! 

 As it was really busy in the shop to eat our lunch, we went and found ourselves somewhere to sit, Yes the floor, It was actually comfier than you think. 

For drinks me and Nazia both had Mango and Passion fruit and for Lunch Nazia had a Tuna toastie and I had a Cheese and Ham toastie, which was a good choice. 

 Having a little walk through Apple Market!

 After we finished having a little nose threw Covent Garden we headed to Leicester Square.

 We got to Trafalgar Square and our feet were killing us, so we sat down next to the fountain and have a little rest.

 Today was absolutely boiling, and the cold water was just perfect, I just wanted to dip my feet in.

 I think Nazia agreed..

I can't even put into words how beautiful this girl is!

 After our little rest, we thought it would be nice to walk to Victoria Park and get some ice lollies!

 We got our lollies and now to find somewhere to sit..

 So we found the perfect spot!

 Now for a bit of outfit of the day for you all..

 Dress is from a little boutique from a place called station road - £18.00

 Brown Sandals - Primark £8.00

 Rucksack - Cath Kidston £21 (sale)

Trousers - Primark £12

Scarf - Zara £15

Top - River Island £10

Bag - New look £10

 Bracelet - New look £4 Ring - Vintage Shop £12

 After we had a little walk round Victoria Park we thought it would be nice to find another space to sit and have a natter, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we did a little bit of sunbathing.. What a life ay?

We headed back to Victoria Station to get on the underground back home. 

I had the most lovely time catching up with Nazia and having a little explore around London. 
I am so lucky to have Nazia as one of my closest friends, she always makes my day wonderful. We said our goodbyes and I already miss her.

Hope you enjoyed this post and is having a lovely weekend!