Friday, 26 August 2016

A Get Away To Wales

Today was the big day I drove to Wales, yes I was a little nervous but knew once I did it, I could feel confident to drive anywhere. 

Sam and I gathered up lots of snacks and headed off!

We arrived just in time for some Lunch, Our first stop was Porthcawl where Sam grew up as a little boy (I'm pretty jealous he grew up right next to the beach, look how beautiful it is). 

We spent a couple of days here, spending time with Sam's family and having a little explore, the last time I visited Wales was when I was only 11 years old so I don't remember too much, I've heard so many people say how beautiful it is so I just had to take the opportunity with two hands and come back and I'm so glad I did. 

One evening, when the sun started to hide behind the clouds, Sam and I thought I'd be a good idea to drive to the sea front and have a little walk on the beach. Being brought up in the city I never had somewhere to go like this, so I really appreciated every second being with my favourite person and looking at a view like this. It has made me realise how important moments like this is and that you always have to cherish them. 

Our next stop was Cardiff, of course the first thing we do is shop. 

After hours of shopping (Sam's fault) we walked to Cardiff Castle. 

How beautiful is Cardiff Castle!

Sam's Nan insisted we visited Cardiff Bay as she said I'd love it, well she was right, I never wanted to leave.

Snap away Sammy! 

Our plan to camp on the Brecon Beacons had to be canceled because of such bad weather conditions, but you don't worry next time we are down we will be 100% doing it. 

It was so lovely to get away for a couple of days and make some incredible and unforgettable memories.

Until next time Wales, you've been a pleasure.  

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