Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Polish That Works Dreams With A Tan

This summer I am flying away to Turkey with my boyfriend and I have told myself I'm going to work really hard to get a natural tan, not something that is out of a bottle. So to enhance 'hopefully' my tan I really wanted a nail polish colour that would do so. 

For the past few weeks I have been looking online at all different types of brands, colours and suggestions. I came across Models Own, I've never had any polishes from their brand before but have heard so many good reviews about how good quality they are. 

I went into my local Models Own shop and asked one of the girls for help, the second I told them what sort of nail polish I wanted they instantly knew which one I needed and that was the colour in Beach Bag (says it in the name) which is a gorgeous bright neon shade which I had to have. 

When I got home and applied it to my nails I loved it, I loved how smoothly it applied and pigmented it was. It already made my skin look darker than what It actually was so I can't imagine what It will look like after my holiday. 

Thank goodness for Models Own. 


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